New Poll Shows Obama's Approval Down With Young Voters

Students for Life of America release a new, buzz-worthy poll this morning. Young people are not excited about President Obama! Four years ago, the President’s new emotional campaign appealed to young voters. Today’s poll, however, shows a 13 point drop in his approval among these young voters since last election cycle.

While a recent Gallup Poll showed record low numbers of self-identified pro-choicers, the youth vote generally is more pro-choice. Today’s Students for Life poll, however, shows a more nuanced side to the pro-choice youth voter. The media paints young people as liking sex on-demand , and therefore abortion on-demand. Today’s poll shows the youth vote to indeed favor contraception, but not favor abortion on-demand.  If the youth can be educated on the President’s extreme record of supporting abortion on-demand, even to the point of denying medical care to babies who survive abortion, they may be even less likely to come out to support him on election day.

Young voters are known for emotional voting, and this played in President Obama’s favor in 2008. Yet this same emotional energy may now play against him. Once explained and made visible, the horror of abortion is not lost on young people.. With recent headlines and images of sex-selective, late-term abortions, and Obama’s pro- partial-birth abortion position, the President may need to watch his outreach to young people more carefully.

Pro-contraception: yes. Pro- abortion on-demand: no. Look out President Obama, once wide-eyed, emotional voters are now noticing the cold, calculating war on unborn infants which you support.

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