Oh Baby, Baby

When asked his views on abortion, the teenage pop sensation, Justin Bieber flicked his famous hair back and said, “I don’t believe in abortion, it’s like killing a baby.”

While he may not become the intellectual figure head of the pro-life movement any time soon, Mr. Bieber does have an important role to play in our culture. Abortion is the top issue in an immense division known as “the culture wars.” While politics, legislation, economics, and science play a role in the pro-life battle, culture is incredibly important in the fight to change hearts and minds.

In a culture inundated by with  pro-choice messages about abortion and death, in everything from our music to our television to our clothing advertisements, here are a few pro-life songs and musicians to consider.

Go ahead, pump this music in your ears:

Coblie Callait, a two time Grammy winner, released a hit song in 2007 titled Capri. The sweet, mellow guitar plays a background for pro-life lyrics. Callait touches on the difficulty of motherhood, but focuses her song on the joys also associated with maternity:

 She’s got a baby inside

And holds her belly tight

All through the night

Just so she knows she’s sleeping

So safely to keep her growing…

Sweet baby

And things will be hard at times

But I’ve learned to try

Just listening.


Nick Cannon, the famous rapper and comedian who often appears in tabloids with his wife, Mariah Carey, released a pro-life song in 2005. The song “Can I Live” narrates the story of his near death experience when his mother went to an abortion clinic with the intent of aborting him. As we all know, he was not aborted, and his song, like Callait’s, touches upon the difficulty of being a mother, but focuses on the joy of life:

Let me plead my case

It’s the late 70’s huh

You seventeen huh

And having me that will ruin everything huh

It’s a lot of angels waiting on their wings

You see me in your sleep so you can’t kill your dreams

300 dollars that’s the price of living what?

Mommy I don’t like this clinic

Hopefully you’ll make the right decision

And don’t go through with the knife incision


While Colbie Caillat and Nick Cannon celebrate the decision of life, one famous song originally recorded by The Verve Pipe mourns lost fatherhood. Brian Vander Ark laments the unexpected guilt from his college girlfriend’s abortion:

Sobbing with my head on the floor

Stop a baby’s breath and a shoe full of rice…

For the life of me I cannot remember

What made us think that we were wise and

We’d never compromise

Pop, R&B, folk, rap there are pro-life artists and songs for all listeners. Susan B. Anthony-List works hard to win political fights with the pro-life message, but you can help win the cultural fight to change hearts and minds by sharing these songs, one at a time.

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