New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof Fails Abortion Quiz

In May, Nicholas Kristof, an op-ed columnist for The New York Times, wrote an article entitled “Religion and Sex Quiz.” Instead of helping inform his readers, Mr. Kristof provided an excellent example of the flawed logic of abortion-rights advocates.

The first question was “The Bible’s position on abortion is?” The author provided three choices and then, at the end of the piece, informed readers the correct answer is that the Bible never mentions abortion.

Defenders of life are well aware that passages such as Psalm 139:13 and Jeremiah 1:5 speak of the Almighty’s recognition of unborn children as individuals—just like their respective mothers and fathers.

In order to expose Kristof’s faulty reasoning, one does not even have convince him the Scriptures say otherwise. Instead, one only has to point out the seemingly hypocritical position in which he has placed abortion-rights enthusiasts.

The crux of Mr. Kristof’s argument is that the Bible doesn’t mention abortion; therefore, it must be acceptable. If the Supreme Court had based its 1973 decision on Kristof’s flawed reasoning, he might have a point.

Of course, we know that the Court did not use any sort of Biblical reasoning when concluding that abortion should be legal. Instead, the Court based its decision on the faulty legal idea that the Constitution provides a right to privacy.

The truth is that, in addition to misunderstanding the Bible, Kristof has only proven that he would fail the following quiz:

Question: The Constitution’s position on a right to privacy/abortion is? Answer: That’s right—it’s never mentioned.

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