Petition to Republican Candidates
to Stand for Life on the Campaign Trail

With primaries upon us, it is clear that there has never been a candidate as pro-abortion as Hillary Clinton. Planned Parenthood’s first-ever presidential primary endorsement to her comes as no surprise as she adamantly supports abortion on-demand up until the very end of pregnancy.

Even after the release of undercover videos exposing the horrific act of harvesting and selling of body parts in several Planned Parenthoods, Clinton stands by them. She has even gone so far as to announce her intention to end the Hyde Amendment, a longstanding bi-partisan legislation which bars taxpayer money from paying for abortions.

Hillary and her radical pro-abortion allies will not just stop at the Hyde Amendment. Her goal is to expand taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood and abortions while neglecting the wellbeing and lives of unborn children and their mothers.

We must make sure that pro-life Republicans speak out against the repeal of the Hyde Amendment and directly oppose Hillary’s radical pro-abortion agenda.

I ask everyone to sign our petition, telling Republican candidates to stand for life and against taxpayer funding of abortion on the campaign trail.

It is crucial that our pro-life candidates oppose the pro-abortion rhetoric while promoting and defending legislation, such as the Hyde Amendment, that removes the taxpayer from the abortion industry.

Sign the petition below and encourage our pro-life leaders to stand for life

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