Poll Shows American Agree: A Vote for Abortion Is NOT Representation

A new poll out from SBA List shows the American people agree: Abortion is not Healthcare!

The surveys asked registered voters about abortion funding and healthcare reform in the following members’ districts:  Jason Altmire (PA-04), Paul Kanjorski (PA-11), Brad Ellsworth (IN-11), Baron Hill (IN-09), Steve Dreihaus (OH-01), Charlie Wilson (OH-06), Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), and John Boccieri (OH-16).

The results tell a clear, consistent story: Constituents represented by pro-life Democrats DO NOT want abortion funding in healthcare – and are much more likely to vote against there Representative next Election Day if he or she supports a healthcare bill with abortion funding.

At least three-in-five voters in these eight congressional districts agreed that “Abortion and abortion funding have no place in healthcare legislation.”  Additionally, more than 70% of voters agreed in four of the districts surveyed (Ohio-06, Ohio-16, Indiana-08, and Indiana-09).

At least two-thirds of voters in each Congressional District opposed “using tax dollars to pay for abortions” and in all districts majorities “strongly opposed.”  Furthermore, in three districts opposition reached 80% (Ohio-06, Ohio-16, and Indiana-08).

The pro-life majorities in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana are reflected of the national trend. Americans do not want abortion in health care and are speaking out against it. Representatives beware, constituents are holding their representatives accountable: No federal funding for abortions – period!

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