Pro-life victory in the Czech Republic

Last week, there was a pro-life victory in Eastern European Czech Republic.  The Czech Parliament defended Life when they chose to not approve legislation that would have forced the country to provide inexpensive abortions to citizens of other European Union member states.  Many politicians mistakenly believed that under European law abortion is included in the interstate service provisions.  However, as Alliance Defense Fund Legal Counsel Roger Kiska noted: “Neither European nor international law requires the Czech Republic to offer abortions.”

The parliament defended Life only after ADF submitted a letter to the Czech Ministry of Health which dismissed the falsehoods regarding abortion and European law.  And while unfortunately, the social and political climate of the Czech Republic is pro-abortion.  Abortion is legal and accessible to residents of the country and more than half of Czech citizens want abortions to remain legal.  This recent clarification of interstate law regarding abortion offers hope to pro-lifers in the Czech Republic and around the world. 

Currently, Czech pro-lifers are hoping to form an alliance with Hungarian pro-lifers.  They (and pro-lifers from other countries) look to Hungary, whose constitution includes a pro-life amendment.  The constitution guarantees the protection of life from the conception and the right to life for pre-born children.  The pro-life Hungarian politicians understand that “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”, as declared in our constitution.  Congratulations on this pro-life step, Czech Republic, we look forward to seeing the culture of Life grow.

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