Pro-Life Woman Leads on Bill to Regulate Alabama Abortion Clinics

McClurkinPro-lifers in Alabama are cheering the 73-23 approval of a bill in the state House of Representatives to require abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals; require clinics to meet ambulatory clinic standards; and to make it a felony for anyone but a doctor to dispense abortion-inducing drugs.

These common sense regulations, sponsored by a strong woman leader and friend of the Susan B. Anthony List, Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin, now head to the Alabama Senate.

Rep. McClurkin told The Montgomery Adviser that this “truly is a women’s rights bill,” and emphasized the need to keep women safe, especially when undergoing a dangerous and invasive surgical procedure like abortion.

Although abortion lobbyists oppose such legislation, this bill is intended to promote women’s health, not hinder it. What’s more, clinic regulations are an area of common ground when it comes to the issue of abortion.

Similar clinic regulations were recently passed both in Michigan and Alabama’s neighboring Mississippi. In Michigan, a recent poll found 85 percent of those surveyed agree with the new law to license and inspect abortion clinics. Even 76 percent of self-described pro-choice Democratic women agree that abortion clinics should be held to the same – if not much higher – health standards as tattoo parlors and nail salons.

Thank you, Rep. McClurkin, for your pro-life, pro-woman stand! The SBA List is so grateful for your leadership when it comes to protecting the women, girls, and unborn children of Alabama.

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