Tell the GOP to Protect Life: Speak Out!

Remember 1994? The Republican Party released its “Contract with America” six weeks before the mid-term elections and took back Congress with a 54-seat swing on Election Day.

Absent from the Contract was any emphasis on policies that protect the unborn. When the new Congress convened, pro-life legislation was not a real priority. Protecting women and unborn babies from the violence of 4,000 abortions per day was put on the back-burner.

A detailed analysis of what looks to be the incoming Congress shows that it will likely be one of the most pro-life in history.  But we cannot take anything for granted.  We must assure the incoming leaders that there is a strong pro-life mandate and that Americans expect serious leadership and real progress in protecting unborn children.

We must first recover from our setbacks by moving the ball back to where it was prior to the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi regime and then begin to move the ball forward. We can’t just stop and repeal the pro-abortion agenda; we must work to advance our ambitious pro-life legislative priorities in order to save unborn lives.

Once again, much like 1994, the Republican Party has an opportunity to take back Congress and is drafting a legislative blueprint similar to the original Contract with America to lay out its plans should Republicans take the majority this November.

The protection of women and their children from the violence of abortion and the protection of taxpayers from funding it must be an integral part of any legislative blueprint released by the leadership of the GOP, and should be included under a specific plank addressing family values.

Speak out for Life today by telling the Republican Party leadership that pro-life legislation must be a priority in its legislative blueprint for America.

With the majority of Americans identifying themselves as pro-life, and with an even stronger majority agreeing that tax dollars shouldn’t fund abortion, the consensus for passage of serious pro-life legislation couldn’t be stronger.

Consider these common-sense pro-life legislative initiatives that enjoy broad support across America:

  1. Legislation such as the “Protect Life Act” which would ensure that no federal funds authorized under the health care reform law are used to pay for abortions or subsidize insurance plans that cover abortions, prevent any part of the federal government from forcing insurance plans to cover abortions, and codify strong conscience protections.67% of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion in health care, according to a January 2010 poll conducted by Quinnipiac University.
  2. Legislation such as the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” which would establish a permanent government-wide prohibition on the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion.61% of Americans support a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion, according to a November 2009 poll conducted by CNN.
  3. Legislation establishing parental consent for minors seeking abortion.69% of Americans support parental consent for minors under 18 seeking an abortion, according to a July 2006 poll conducted by Gallup.
  4. Legislation such as the “Child Pain Awareness Act” which would require abortion providers to notify women who want to have an abortion 20 weeks after fertilization that the evidence suggests their unborn child feels pain and they may request anesthesia for their unborn child in order to reduce or eliminate the pain.77% of Americans favor such legislation, according to an April 2004 poll conducted by Zogby.

The Republican Party needs to hear from pro-life Americans. Speak out for Life today to ensure your voice heard on behalf of unborn children and their mothers.

Send a message today to the Republican Party to let them know that when the ball is in their court, we expect no less than a slam-dunk for our pro-life agenda.

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