The Traveling Abortionist

Who wants to arrive to their doctor’s office with four signs on the outside door that say; No children allowed, No cell phones or electronic devices, No large bags allowed, or Smile, you’re on camera!  Welcome to the office of Dr. LeRoy Carhart – warm, comforting and welcoming to a nervous mother?  I think not.  Dr. Carhart has been ending human lives straight for the past 23 years and is infamous in the abortion industry.  He is an abortion machine.  He is one of the few abortionists left who will perform late term abortions and many will travel to him from far states and countries to terminate their pregnancy.  His life is abortion, he travels across the United States during each week killing children in Nebraska and Maryland, and soon he will be adding Iowa to his stops.

Carhart and his wife Mary Lou step out of their car on Executive Park Circle, Germantown, MD, nearly every Sunday or Monday (including most holidays) to terminate the lives of innocent children.  Carhart enters through the side door, into an office where the windows are completely covered and blinds are shut at all times.  Sure sounds like a welcoming office, full of “kindness, courtesy, justice, love and respect” as stated on their website.

Outside of the clinic is a completely different scene filled with hope and love. There are many vigilant prayer warriors and counselors who are energetically and lovingly trying to save the lives of the countless children and spare women from the pain of abortion.  Every Monday, when abortions are performed, many faithful go and pray on the streets outside the clinic with signs.  Many children, young adults, middle aged and older people are there to fight for the rights of the unborn through silent and prayerful protest.  The gentle pro-life counselors try to convince the women and those who accompany them going in to Carhart’s office, to reconsider their options and to at least consider going to a doctor with a more reputable reputation.  Across the street from the abortion clinic, Germantown Pregnancy Choices  provides help and comfort to those in need and alternative options to women seeking abortions. 

 The hope of the abortion protestors is to save the babies and to make known to the local people and workers inside the Germantown Office Park what is going on within the community.  Many are ignorant to what Carhart does every week and information is provided to inform them. 

The women entering the abortion clinic are typically visibly pregnant and have the usual pregnant walk that accompanies a woman who is in her second or third trimester.  The strife on many of the women’s face is visible and the emotional pain is almost tangible.  One may wonder, how are these atrocities still allowed under the law in a country that abides by “LIFE, liberty and happiness”?  What rights are we fighting for in this country while innocent lives are being thwarted before they even have a chance to speak for themselves – where do our priorities fall?

The fall 40 days for Life Campaign is happening right now in Germantown, MD, along with other countless locations across the Unites States, praying to shut down clinics and end abortion.   The vigilant prayer and witness to life is a testimony to many who remain ignorant of the tragedy going on around them. There is still time to publicly witness and stand for the rights of the children during this fall’s 40 days Life Campaign.  Check out the 40 Days for Life website to come join many people with an earnest hope to dissuade the mothers from getting an abortion, and pray for the lives of the innocent that are killed daily.

Currently jobs and the economy are trumping the issue of abortion, as many other issues have for the past 33 years since Roe v Wade.  Who will we support and help put into office to be the voice for the American people—born and unborn?  What action will you personally take to end this atrocity that happens every day and often is unnoticed! Go and witness the holocaust site in Germantown MD, if you are near, or find a local abortion clinic, once you have been stung by the abortion issue there will be no turning back.

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