UPDATE: Vanderbilt Makes Changes to Abortion Policy

As The Christian Post and the Student Free Press Association have reported, Vanderbilt University has updated its nurse residency application after a student filed a discrimination complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Up until today, the application for the program stated, “If you are chosen for the Nurse Residency Program in the Women’s Health track, you will be expected to care for women undergoing termination of pregnancy.”

With the help of the Alliance Defense Fund, two anonymous students wishing to enroll in the program without the risk of a conscience violation filed the complaint.

According to The Christian Post, “[t]he application now includes a statement that such procedures are a part the program, but it also informs applicants that accommodations can be made for those who do not want to assist with abortion procedures.”

This marks another victory for pro-lifers who argue that conscience rights should not be violated. Vanderbilt’s decision also reflects the strength of the law signed by former president George W. Bush that allows medical personnel to refuse to perform a procedure on grounds of moral conscience.

The previous program application also included a provision that students wishing to pursue a women’s health track must sign a letter which contained the following: “If you feel you cannot provide care to women during this type of event (undergoing termination of pregnancy), we encourage you to apply to a different track of the Nurse Residency Program to explore opportunities that may best fit your skills and career goals.”

This requirement to sign the letter has also been tossed. As ADFSenior Council David French said, “We couldn’t be more pleased.”

We applaud Vanderbilt for changing to a policy that respects conscience rights. We also pray that one day, Vanderbilt will no longer be in the business of abortion., and will provide the best of care for every mother and every child that comes for their help.

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