Virginia's Pro-Life Activists Jump-Start The State's New Legislative Session

Today, as Virginia Lawmakers initiated the first day of the 2011 legislative session, Pro-Life activist groups rallied outside of Richmond’s capitol building.

In the upcoming year, many hope that Governor Bob McDonnell will lead the legislature to implement new regulations and exercise tighter control on centers that perform abortions.

Delegate Bob Marshall, a republican from Prince William County, has been one of the most outspoken opponents of abortion during his term in the legislature. This year he has introduced legislation that would give specific protection to unborn children including HB 334, a bill which he sponsored that would require updating the state’s informed consent law to include information that has been published in a peer reviewed medical journal about the consequences of abortion on future pregnancies.

At the rally Marshall said the following, ”The Commonwealth of Virginia could regulate abortion clinics, as it previously had done from 1981-84, without passing any additional laws.”

He continued to state what he anticipates from Governor McDonnell in the hopes of an active Pro-Life session: “He has the authority, I think he has the responsibility, and an opportunity to act.”

In April of last year Virginia passed an amendment to the state budget that curtailed state funding of abortions by a vote of 20-19 in the Senate and 60-34 in the House of Delegates.  Now moving into 2011, with the leadership of delegates like Mr. Marshall and the energy of Pro-Life activists as was illustrated today, hopefully Governor McDonnell will heed the urgings of Virginians to defend life.

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