Victory for Life in Kansas

Kansas flagWorking early into the morning hours, Kansas state legislators have passed crucial pro-life legislation that will protect consciences of business owners who provide health care for their employees and will prevent any future ‘Obamacare’ state health exchanges from including abortion coverage, according to a press release from Kansas Right to Life.

This insurance reform bill is another pro-life victory in Kansas!

Two other bills awaiting the signature of Governor Sam Brownback will place new health and safety standards on abortion clinics and, as part of the state budget, will divert $300,000 of Title X family planning funds away from Planned Parenthood, while directing those funds to hospitals and health departments. Another aspect of the state budget puts $300,000 into a Stan Clark grant-matched fund for pregnancy maintenance and adoption counseling.  Gov. Brownback has already signed legislation to tighten restrictions on late-term abortions and strengthen the state’s parental notification laws.

The Associated Press article (on and the Washington Post) reporting on this last-minute pro-life victory is already cycling the wires, though with more focus on showing these successes as restrictive, rather than productive. The article calls these success part of an anti-abortion wave that is crossing the nation. However, polling continues to show that a majority of Americans across the country do NOT support taxpayer funding of abortion. Therefore, this “wave” of statThankYoue legislation simply reflects the reality of American sentiment on this critical issue of our time.

If you live in Kansas, be sure to thank your legislators and your governor! They are standing up for Life. They are standing up for women. They are standing up for you.

Additional information on this story can also be found at LifeNews.

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