VIDEO: Rep. McMorris Rodgers Supports Protect Life Act

In an email to her constituents, pro-life Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) writes:

I just wanted to give you a quick update on our efforts in Congress to restore the 30-year bipartisan consensus that prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion – a consensus that was broken by the passage of last year’s Patient Protection Act over the will of the American people.

This week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee – on which I sit – reported out of committee “The Protect Life Act.”  This bill – which I strongly support – would make explicitly clear that taxpayer money cannot be used fund abortions or abortion coverage under last year’s health care law. According to recent polls, about two-thirds of American citizens object to having the government pay for abortions. Even many pro-choice Americans believe that it’s wrong for the rest of the country to pay for something we consider immoral. That’s why the “Protect Life Act” is so important. It restores the common-sense pro-life policies that both parties have agreed to over the last few decades.

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