Amendment on the soon-to-be-voted Budget Bill could defund Planned Parenthood through September, act NOW!

The House of Representatives will vote this week on an amendment included in the budget bill that could revoke federal funding for Planned Parenthood and their abortion business.  H.R. 1, the Continuing Resolution budget bill that House Republicans are proposing contains fixes for three separate abortion funding problems and restores the ban on taxpayer funding of abortions in the District of Columbia (that President Obama and House Democrats previously overturned in 2009).  Furthermore, Rep. Mike Pence will offer an amendment that denies ALL federal funds to Planned Parenthood and its affiliates through the end of the fiscal year.

There’s great hope: no propositions have been offered in the open readings to challenge the Pence amendment, not even from pro-choice Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Planned Parenthood is scared. They are mobilizing their activists and relying on allies like—which is why we need YOU to take action as well.

Please send an email to your Representative right now and ask him to support the Pence Amendment to the Continuing Resolution.

The great influence the Live Action films have had on things like this proposed fixes, shortly after their recent release, only prove how effective, relevant and true they are. Even Planned Parenthood declares it as “the most dangerous legislative assault” in their history. By recognizing their power with such fear, they’re confirming on how badly they messed up. It is useless for them to try to defend their position when real crime can be easily seen in each of the videos. Lila Rose, from Live Action, backs this up with a list of “Six Planned Parenthood’s deceptions”.

The amendments were proposed this past Tuesday and, after several debates, a final vote will probably occur tomorrow, February 17th. Please keep the pressure on Congress.

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