Virginia's busiest abortion business closes

The busiest abortion facility in Virginia is shutting down this month.  This is a huge victory for pro-life Virginians, who for years have prayed outside Nova Women’s Healthcare in Farifax, Virginia during 40 Days for Life campaigns.  Nova Women’s Healthcare was sued by its landlord twice in the past three years and has a long history of substandard, dangerous medical practices that have repeatedly required abortion patients to be hospitalized.  

A new Virginia law holding abortion facilities medically accountable helped put an end to Nova’s dangerous practices.  The property owners of the building Nova leased terminated Nova’s lease on the grounds that the abortion business created a nuisance—the women who Nova preyed upon were regularly found vomiting and bleeding in the hallways of the building. 

Nova then attempted to apply for a building permit (as a “health spa”!), but had one too few parking spots to comply with city ordinances.  Pro-life residents across Northern Virginia stormed a Fairfax City Council meeting to express their displeasure with Nova’s attempts to re-open in their community.  The Fairfax City Council also amended its zoning ordinance to require that all clinics, hospitals, urgent care facilities, surgical centers, or henceforward be called medical care facilities, and obtain a special-use permit and approval from the council.

This is the 30th abortion facility to close in 2013 alone.  The number of abortion businesses in the United States has been substantially decreasing since the early 1990s.  As recently-passed pro-life laws provide women with the opportunity to see their unborn children on ultrasounds, encouraging women to chose life, and as abortion facilities are held to proper medical standards therefore cracking down on Gosnell-like abortion centers, we can expect to see more and more victories. 

SBA List is grateful to the local pro-life activists who spoke up at their city council meeting and the city council members who amended the zoning ordinance!  Please take a moment to thank the council members!

You can watch a video of the pro-life testimonies at the Fairfax City Council meeting here.

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