A Journey to Peace

Pro-life activist Abby Johnson has announced that one of Kermit Gosnell’s former employees is beginning her journey to discover healing. After testifying against Gosnell and confronting the truth of abortion, the anonymous individual embraced the pro-life movement. Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director and founder of an organization that supports those who leave the abortion industry, And Then There Were None, welcomed her with open arms. 

Johnson quoted the worker as saying, “When the police came to arrest me, I was filled with a peace that I had never experienced before.  I knew that it was over.  I knew that I no longer had to work with that man ever again.  I knew I would finally be free.”

This past employee joins a courageous coalition of former abortion clinic workers who have realized the inhuman agenda of the abortion industry, and have embarked on a journey of redemption. Angie Andino, former abortion clinic employee, stated, “I no longer keep quiet about what goes on behind the closed doors of Planned Parenthood… It has been such a blessing to be in a working environment where we save lives, not take them.” She advises people who find themselves trapped in the abortion industry to “Listen to your heart. Pray about it. Let God show you the truth.”

It is inspiring to see so many former abortion clinic employees internalize this message. Earlier this year, Gigi Aguilar, a whistleblower from the Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston, decried Douglass Karpen’s decrepit practices, but joyfully proclaimed that “my eyes were opened to the atrocities and the realities of abortion.” Her former colleague, Deborah Edge, further  stated, “My days are brighter knowing that I no longer have to witness abortion and the abuse done to the mothers, not to mention all of the illegal activities done in the clinic.”

These women are just a handful of the many brave individuals who have taken a stand in the face of injustice to defend innocent human lives – and we are so grateful for their irreplaceable witness!

Thank you Abby Johnson, for your commitment to guide these men and women, with unremitting love and compassion, to discover truth! We congratulate the former abortion clinic employees for finding the strength to stand up on behalf of the unborn and women and will continue to keep you in our prayers as you continue your journeys.

Please visit the And Then There Were None website and support the work of Abby’s ministry!


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