SC Protects Unborn Children From the Moment Their Heartbeat Is Detected; TN, Others to Follow Soon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 28, 2022 Contact: Mary Owens, Momentum Grows as a Dozen States Broadly Protect the Unborn & Their Mothers After Dobbs Washington, D.C. – Unborn children with beating hearts and their mothers are protected in South Carolina after an injunction against the state’s heartbeat protection law was lifted Monday evening. With […]

Mississippi Takes Swift Action to Protect Unborn Babies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 27, 2022 Contact: Mary Owens, Attorney General Lynn Fitch Moves to Ensure Lives Are Saved by Enacting the Will of the People Washington, D.C. – Unborn children and their mothers will be protected throughout pregnancy in Mississippi starting July 7 as Attorney General Lynn Fitch certified the state’s existing pro-life […]

SBA Pro-Life America Responds to Biden Remarks on Dobbs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 24, 2022 Contact: Mary Owens, Biden, Dems Who Would Impose Abortion on Demand Until Birth Are the Real Extremists Washington, D.C. – In response to President Biden’s remarks about the Dobbs decision, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America issued the following statement: “Biden’s response to today’s historic decision proves he and […]

Historic Victory: Roe Overturned, Ending Half a Century of Abortion on Demand

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 24, 2022 Contact: Mary Owens, Dannenfelser: The Pro-life Movement’s Work Is Just Beginning; SCOTUS Decision Raises the Stakes of Midterm Elections Washington, D.C. – Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America celebrated a landmark victory today as the U.S. Supreme Court issued its final decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization […]

Disturbing Video: Late-Term Abortion Patient Cannot See Doctor Until She’s Ingested Xanax & Is “Pants Off” in the Operating Room

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 23, 2022 Contact: Mary Owens, Pro-Life Advocates Demand Investigation Washington, D.C. –  Disturbing undercover footage released today by the pro-life group Live Action shows an exchange between a 28-week pregnant woman and a staff member of Cesare Santangelo’s Washington, D.C. late-term abortion facility: The patient asks to talk to the […]