SBA List on Trump’s Abortion Comments

In response to Donald Trump’s comments on abortion at today’s MSNBC townhall event with Chris Matthews, Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, gave the following reaction: 

“Mattie Brinkerhoff, a leader of the women’s suffrage movement, said that when a woman undergoes an abortion it is evidence she has been ‘greatly wronged.’ The Revolution, the newspaper owned and operated by Susan B. Anthony published an op-ed asserting that, on abortion, “thrice guilty is he who, for selfish gratification, heedless of her prayers, indifferent to her fate, drove her to the desperation which impels her to the crime.’ Alice Paul was known to have called abortion ‘the ultimate exploitation of women.’

“We have never advocated, in any context, for the punishment of women who undergo abortion.

“As a convert to the pro-life movement, Mr. Trump sees the reality of the horror of abortion – the destruction of an innocent human life – which is legal in our country up until the moment of birth. But let us be clear: punishment is solely for the abortionist who profits off of the destruction of one life and the grave wounding of another.”

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