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Abortion, Democrats, Exposed

EXPOSED: Abortion in America, The DC Five, Episode 3: Pressed for the Truth

Emily Erin Davis | February 21, 2024

   Transcript: 0:01 – Emily Erin Davis: This week, we speak to two journalists who were on the ground…

Abortion, Biden

Biden’s Support For ‘Three-Trimester’ Abortions Explains Why His DOJ Won’t Probe Death Of Five Babies

Emily Erin Davis | February 21, 2024

Last week, in a bombshell press conference led by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, and Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., lawmakers and pro-life activists…

Abortion, Stories

He Wanted To Abort Our Daughter—Now He’s Pretending To Be A Feminist

Emily Erin Davis | February 17, 2024

It was time for bed. Our same routine of pjs, soft music, and lights out. The time of the day…

Abortion, States, Stories

Caleb’s Story:  Unborn baby deemed “incompatible with life” now flourishing 20-year-old 

SBA team | February 12, 2024

On Christmas Eve 2003, as most families were wrapping presents and decorating the tree, Ashleigh Moon and her husband found…

Abortion, States

State Officials Are Right To Sound Alarm on Pro-Abortion Ballot Measures

Marjorie Dannenfelser | February 8, 2024

The abortion industry has proven that it will go to extremes to get no-limit, abortion-on-demand policies enshrined in state constitutions.…

Abortion, Biden, Trump

Americans Need a Plan of Hope, Not ‘All-Trimester Abortions’

Emily Erin Davis | February 6, 2024

What happens when a gaffe turns into saying the quiet part out loud? Well, that’s precisely what happened last night…


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