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The New Policy Every State Should Adopt To Protect Women’s Lives

Kelsey Pritchard | February 20, 2024

The abortion lobby has been spreading a dangerous lie. Since the overturn of Roe, activists have run with a false…


State of the States: Pro-Life Governors Show Love for Mothers and Babies

SBA team | February 15, 2024

Going on two years since Dobbs, 24 states have laws protecting babies in the womb between conception and 12 weeks…

Abortion, States, Stories

Caleb’s Story:  Unborn baby deemed “incompatible with life” now flourishing 20-year-old 

SBA team | February 12, 2024

On Christmas Eve 2003, as most families were wrapping presents and decorating the tree, Ashleigh Moon and her husband found…

States, Supreme Court

Florida Supreme Court: Abortion amendment is a “wolf,” however it’s dressed

SBA team | February 9, 2024

On Wednesday morning the Florida Supreme Court heard arguments for and against the state constitutional amendment pro-abortion groups are seeking…

Abortion, States

State Officials Are Right To Sound Alarm on Pro-Abortion Ballot Measures

Marjorie Dannenfelser | February 8, 2024

The abortion industry has proven that it will go to extremes to get no-limit, abortion-on-demand policies enshrined in state constitutions.…

Abortion, States

Pro-Life Leaders Must Engage In Battle Against Abortion Ballot Measures NOW

Kelsey Pritchard | February 2, 2024

Thanks to the Dobbs decision and pro-life leaders, 24 states have laws protecting unborn children at 12 weeks or sooner.…

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