CBN News Video: Prolife Group Lauds Planned Parenthood Probe

This news story first appeared online at CBN News on September 29, 2011.

Prolife Group Lauds Planned Parenthood Probe

Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., has launched a congressional probe into Planned Parenthood’s use of public funds.

“Planned Parenthood has an extensive record of violating state sexual assault and child abuse reporting laws, and of encouraging young girls to lie about their ages to circumvent state reporting laws,” Rep. Stearns said in a statement to CBN News.
Democrats and abortion supporters say the probe is just one more attempt by the GOP to put the nation’s largest abortion provider out of business.
But the Susan B. Anthony List, a prolife group, says it’s a “critical first step” in exposing and holding Planned Parenthood accountable.

Susan B. Anthony President Marjorie Dannenfelser talked more about the case on the CBN News Channel’s Morning News, Sept. 29.

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