Ciara Matthews of SBA List Joins LifeNews as Guest Blogger

This article first appeared online at LifeNews on July 8, 2011.

Ciara Matthews of SBA List Joins LifeNews as Guest Blogger
by LifeNews Staff, the international pro-life news service, has added another contributing blogger to its roster by way of Ciara Matthews, the new communications director at the Susan B. Anthony List, a pro-life political group.

Matthews replaces Maura Butler, who blogged at LifeNews for the pro-life organizations, and she joins new additions Abby Johnson and Ryan Bomberger, who both started blogging at LifeNews in recent weeks.

Matthews, a native of Las Vegas, has worked in Nevada Republican politics since 2006 and, before joining SBA, worked for the Sharron Angle for U.S. Senate campaign as deputy communications director. While a student at UNLV, she held a full-time position as campaign scheduler on the 2006 gubernatorial campaign of Nevada state Sen. Bob Beers. She also served as president of the UNLV College Republicans from August 2006 through January 2008, during which time she also volunteered on the political campaigns of several Republican candidates for state and federal office.

In November 2008, Matthews began hosting her own political talk radio show on NewsRadio 840 KXNT in Las Vegas. In January 2010 she left the CBS affiliate to become communications director for the Nevada Republican Party where she served until August of that year when she left to work for Angle, who lost a close election race to pro-abortion Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.

“I am very excited for the chance to continue spreading the pro-life message through the blog at,” Matthews said. “It’s because of sites like LifeNews that woman are now learning the truth about abortion and about Planned Parenthood. Any medium the pro-life movement and its supporters can use to reach women is crucial to our continued success and the blog postings on LifeNews presents a great way to keep the momentum going.”

Steven Ertelt, the founder and Editor of LifeNews says he is excited about having Ciara come on board and looking forward to her writings.

“Ciara and the Susan B. Anthony List have led the fight to reclaim the pro-woman mantra from abortion advocates, who falsely claim abortions help women even though women have died and been injured from them,” Ertelt said. “We look forward to Cirara’s insight as a young pro-life woman who embodies the new emerging pro-life majority in the United States where women and young pro-life adults are leading the way to change the shape of the abortion debate.”

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