Daily Caller: SBA List lobbies for pro-life chairman

This article originally appeared online at The Daily Caller on Thursday, December 23, 2010.

SBA List lobbies for pro-life Chairman
By Caroline May

The pro-life advocacy group, Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List), hopes to ensure the election of a Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman that is entirely devoted to promoting the pro-life agenda during the 112th Congress.

The SBA List announced a grassroots campaign Wednesday to get more than half a million social conservatives to lobby the voting members of the RNC to elect a staunchly pro-life chairman.

“It is critical that the next RNC chairman not only be pro-life, but be prepared to use his or her position to advance pro-life values,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “We look forward to vetting candidates on their stances on Life and how they would advance these causes as RNC Chairman.”

Emily Buchanan, SBA List executive director, told The Daily Caller that the group has been disappointed in the past with the RNC’s lack of focus on pro-life issues.

“The Republican Party is at its strongest when it recreates the full Reagan conservative coalition, the three legged stool. So our goal in this is to make sure we have a Republican chairman who can not only articulate the pro-life message, but is also committed to operationally giving resources to the pro-life issue in elections,” she said.

SBA List contends that although they believe that the RNC has not been living up to its potential in terms of leveraging the pro-life grassroots, it is not a problem unique to current chairman Michael Steele, but a historical roadblock they hope to overcome with this election.

On January 3 The Daily Caller will co-sponsor the RNC chairman debate with Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). Since the SBA List has thrown its hat in as an additional sponsor, they are unable to endorse any of the candidates.

Dannenfelser has conducted interviews with the candidates to learn more about their positions on the issues and will be releasing them later this week.

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