Dannenfelser in The Hill: Time to Extend the Child Tax Credit to Include the Unborn

By Marjorie Dannenfelser

…Then there is the rising cost of child care. Many working families are spending more than ten percent of their income on basic services like day care or babysitters, at a cost of hundreds of dollars a week. Child care can cost as much as a decent used car or as much as a year of in-state tuition at a public college.

This isn’t what a thriving economy or a healthy, happy populace looks like. Working families need to know Congress recognizes their value. The CTC offers significant relief from their federal income tax burdens. It helps them feed, clothe, educate, and simply be more present for their kids, especially during the earliest years when stress and instability can be the most detrimental and impact children for life.

Raising and expanding the CTC is something concrete Republicans can do to help countless Americans and give the economy a shot in the arm. Pro-life Republicans especially should get behind expanding the CTC to cover unborn babies. If they are infuriated by accusations that pro-lifers only care about people until they are born, here’s an excellent opportunity to prove that’s blatantly false. We should all be looking for ways to support families in making courageous, life-affirming choices. …

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