Des Moines Register: Abortion pledge stirs reaction from Republican candidates

This post originally appeared online at The Des Moines Register on June 18, 2011.

Abortion pledge stirs reaction from Republican candidates
by Jennifer Jacobs

Five Republican presidential candidates have signed a pledge to ban certain abortions, appoint federal judges who won’t “legislate from the bench” and cut off federal funding to organizations that perform abortions, according to a political action committee.

Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum agreed to the Susan B. Anthony List’s “pro-life leadership pledge,” its organizers say.

The abortion foes say Republican candidates Herman Cain, Gary Johnson and Mitt Romney declined to sign it.

Santorum, a former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania whose history of work to restrict abortions is a central campaign theme, quickly lashed out at Romney, the candidate who is leading in the public opinion polls.

“This past Monday night at the Republican presidential debate, I was asked about Governor Romney’s pro-life conversion, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt,” Santorum said in a written statement. “I apparently spoke too soon. It is incredibly disappointing that Governor Romney chose not to defend those who cannot defend themselves.”


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