Latest Gallup Poll Continues Pro-Life Trend

Gallup released a new poll this week about Americans’ attitudes about abortion. According to Gallup, 47% of Americans identify themselves as “pro-life” while 46% identify themselves as “pro-choice.” This result is a slight decline from an earlier Gallup poll conducted in May that showed 51% of Americans identified themselves as pro-life while only 42% identified themselves as pro-choice.

While it is a bit disappointing that the pro-life position lost a little ground since May, pro-lifers have good reason to be very optimistic when looking at the big picture. This poll provides more evidence that the general trend over the past 15 years is toward the pro-life side of the abortion debate. Consider that in 1995 only 33% of Americans identified themselves as pro-life while 56% identified themselves as pro-choice. The pro-life position has truly gained ground in the past 15 years.


The Gallup article notes:

On a long-term basis, both 2009 measures, although differing slightly from one another, indicate a modest shift toward the “pro-life” position.

In 2009, the ratio of Americans identifying themselves as “pro-choice” versus “pro-life” and the percentage saying abortion should be legal “under any circumstances” are at or near the lowest levels seen in Gallup trends.

Gallup also reported that only 21% of the American people favor abortion being legal under any circumstances compared to 33% in 1994. We are trending toward a more pro-life America every day!




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