Minority Leader Boehner Responds to Pro-Life Request

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

There is a reason the Susan B. Anthony List is the most effective pro-life grassroots activism organization. That reason is you.

Yesterday, I asked you to call Minority Leader Boehner’s office right away and ask him to force the President to go on record about the pro-life Stupak Amendment at the health care summit tomorrow. Well, thanks to your quick actions, Minority Leader Boehner has received our message loud and clear.

My sources on Capitol Hill are reporting that Minority Leader Boehner’s office has been inundated with our calls asking him to support pro-life efforts and to bring up the issue of abortion funding in health care reform. We have been assured that he is committed to our cause and will work tirelessly to oppose taxpayer-funded abortion in health care reform.

What’s more, Minority Leader Boehner sent a letter to President Obama this afternoon, asking him to include Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) in the health care meeting tomorrow. The Minority Leader reminded President Obama that there no issue has received more bipartisan support than the opposition to federal funding of abortion. If the President really wishes to proceed in a bipartisan fashion, the voice of the majority of Americans must be brought to the table. You can read the letter here.

Thank you so much, Pro-Life Friend, for your rapid response yesterday. You may not know this but SBA List activists have sent over one million letters to keep abortion out of health care! Together we are standing up against the abortion advocates in the White House and Congress, and protect the lives of unborn boys and girls.

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser

President, Susan B. Anthony List

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