Outrage! NBC Refuses to Air Pro-Life Ad During Superbowl

NBC Executives have rejected a popular ad, titled “Imagine Spot 1,” that was produced by CatholicVote.org, a subsidiary of Fidelis. It contains no graphic images, no politically divisive statements, no didactic rhetoric. Rather the ad shows an ultrasound image of a living, moving, growing baby in the womb. The ad describes the life the unborn child will face and the many hardships in it. The end, however, focuses on an incredibly the amazing potential life contains. The words “This child will become the first African-American president,” accompany a picture of our nation’s 44th president, Barack Obama.

Now where is the controversial message in that? Why is a commercial that celebrates the election of President Obama and the difficult circumstances he overcame deemed offensive to the executives at NBC?   Find out by reading the latest installment of That’s An Outrage!

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