Marjorie at Townhall: Six Courageous Pro-Life Leaders And How You Can Help Them Win in November

By Marjorie Dannenfelser

This year’s high-stakes midterm elections are fast approaching, and much ink has been spilled about a surge in women candidates running for office. Unfortunately, most of the hype has focused on only one type of woman: anti-Trump, pro-abortion, and angry about it.

What about the millions of women and men who are eager to see more protections for unborn children and their mothers – who revere the Constitution and want more fair, impartial judges like Justice Kavanaugh appointed? Who is running to represent folks who not only decline the pink hats and handmaid outfits, but are happy about the direction the country is headed under President Trump and want it to continue?

Americans desperately want more common sense in politics – so I am excited to support six highly accomplished, courageous pro-life women leaders who will bring an infusion of common sense to the U.S. Senate with their conservative principles. Here is who they are and how you can help them win.

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