VITTER: I will filibuster FOCA!

January 27, 2009

Yesterday, Senator David Vitter publicaly pledged to filibuster any attempt to pass the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) in the 111th Congress.

The Freedom of Choice Act would nullify all state and federal laws that interfere with access to abortion.  It would also do the following:

-overturn partial birth abortion bans.

-eliminate parental notification statutes.

-force taxpayers to fund abortion. 

-invalidate federal and state laws regarding full disclosure to the patient.

– invalidate laws requiring abortion providers to offer an ultrasound of the baby, information about pain inflicted on the baby or possible complications to the mother. 

-allow for abortions to occur at any point during the nine months of pregnancy .

-overturn protections for doctors, nurses, and hospitals who decline to participate in an abortions due to moral and religious beliefs.

Senator Vitter’s brave pledge to fight this agressively anti-abortion legislation deserves our gratitude and esteem!

Please let Senator Vitter know you support his use of the filibuster to stop the Freedom of Choice Act by calling his office at 202-224-4623.

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