Biden Hypocrisy: New Budget Strips Hyde Amendment, Pushes All-Trimester Abortions Funded by Taxpayers

For Immediate Release: March 11, 2024
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Washington, D.C. – President Joe Biden’s FY 2025 budget proposal once again calls for eliminating the Hyde Amendment, which has protected unborn babies and their mothers for over 40 years by ensuring that federal tax dollars don’t fund elective abortion. It also calls for eliminating the Dornan Amendment (“D.C. Hyde”).

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America slammed Biden in a statement:

“Joe Biden is fond of saying, ‘Show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value.’ The Biden-Harris administration’s clear priority is pushing all-trimester abortions with no limits, even when babies in the womb can feel pain – paid for with taxpayer dollars,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. “The Hyde family of policies protects unborn babies and their moms, including in D.C., where there are no gestational limits on abortion and where the “D.C. Five” babies were brutally killed in possible federal abortion crimes. More than 2.5 million fellow Americans are alive today thanks to the original Hyde Amendment alone. But pro-abortion Democrats just keep pushing more and more abortions, all while stripping funding from pregnancy centers that serve millions of women each year. Biden’s agenda is not only radically at odds with the values of the majority of Americans, but also with the majority of women who want help to keep their babies rather than aborting them.

“Since flip-flopping on taxpayer-funded abortion to run for president, Biden has lost any resistance to his party’s pro-abortion activist wing. Democrats’ ongoing assault on Hyde proves their commitment to abortion above all, as they continue pushing unlimited abortion nationwide, throwing out longstanding, bipartisan consensus for the sake of their abortion lobby allies. But our team is working tirelessly to reach 10 million voters – four million directly at their doors – to expose Democrats’ extremism so they can be held accountable at the ballot box.”

Multiple post-Dobbs polls show that at least seven in 10 Americans support significant limits on abortion. A clear majority of Americans oppose taxpayer-funded abortion on demand domestically, and more than two thirds oppose using tax dollars to promote abortion overseas.

SBA Pro-Life America is tracking the pro-abortion extremism of the Biden-Harris administration at

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is a network of more than one million pro-life Americans nationwide, dedicated to ending abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders.



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