Joe Donnelly Betrays Hoosiers, Announces He will Vote Against Kavanaugh

September 28, 2018
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Dannenfelser: “Indiana voters will remember at the Ballot Box in November.”

Washington, D.C. – In response to news that Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) will oppose the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) released the following statement:

“Joe Donnelly’s decision to vote against Judge Kavanaugh is a profound betrayal and Indiana voters will remember this at the ballot box in November,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Susan B. Anthony List. “Instead of standing with Hoosiers – who showed their trust in President Trump to nominate Supreme Court justices when they elected him by a 19-point margin – Donnelly caved to pressure from Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and the radical abortion lobby.

“This is exactly why the SBA List field team has spent months on the ground in Indiana where we will be active through Election Day, reaching out to pro-life voters who don’t always get to the polls, as well as persuadable Democrats, Independents, and Hispanic voters. Hoosiers deserve better than Joe Donnelly.”

SBA List’s field team has visited more than 345,000 Indiana voters’ homes to educate them on Sen. Donnelly’s record and the importance of voting pro-life. The ground activity is part of an historic effort to visit more than two million homes across the battleground states of Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Montana ahead of Election Day 2018.

Last month the SBA List team held press conferences outside of Sen. Donnelly’s offices in Indianapolis, Evansville, and Fort Wayne, as well as in Terre Haute and Lafayette urging Donnelly to respect the will of Indiana voters by supporting the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Susan B. Anthony List and its partner super PAC, Women Speak Out spent more than $18 million in the 2016 election cycle, visiting more than 1.1 million homes in battleground states to defeat Hillary Clinton and maintain a pro-life Senate. SBA List is dedicated to pursuing policies and electing candidates who will reduce and ultimately end abortion. To that end, SBA List emphasizes the education, promotion, mobilization, and election of pro-life women. SBA List is a network of more than 690,000 pro-life Americans nationwide.


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