Pro-Life Coalition to WHO: Don’t Partner With Radical Pro-Abortion Group

For Immediate Release: January 24, 2024
Contact: [email protected]

Washington, D.C. – The national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America joined over 30 pro-life coalition members in sending a letter to the executive board of the World Health Organization (WHO) urging them to oppose giving any official status within WHO to the Center for Reproductive Rights, a radical pro-abortion group.

The letter reads in part:

Giving special status to the Center for Reproductive Rights will further fuel the culture wars undermining the WHO’s mission to tackle health issues. It confirms fears that WHO’s new accord on pandemic preparedness will be used to undermine national laws related to abortion. The Trump administration took several steps to hold multilateral institutions accountable for illegally promoting abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the World Health Organization, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, and UN human rights mechanisms. Future pro-life U.S. administrations are expected to do the same.

SBA Pro-Life America’s President Marjorie Dannenfelser commented:

“Abortion is not health care and we stand with pro-life citizens of every nation in asserting that there is no international ‘right’ to abortion. Millions of Americans already view the World Health Organization as an ideologically compromised pro-abortion institution, and granting a radical pro-abortion group official recognition it does not deserve will only reinforce that view. Additionally, nations where the laws and culture are protective of life are rightly offended by global NGOs trying to impose extreme pro-abortion mores on them. We look forward to a future pro-life administration rejoining the Geneva Consensus Declaration – from which the Biden administration unilaterally withdrew – to stand in solidarity with dozens of other nations in recognizing there is no international right to abortion, and to reaffirm and protect the rights of countries to defend unborn human life. America should never be in the business of exporting abortion around the world.”


Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is a network of more than one million pro-life Americans nationwide, dedicated to ending abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders.




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