SBA List Claims Victory for Authentic Feminism in Fiorina Primary Win

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tonight Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund-endorsed Carly Fiorina defeated opponents Tom Campbell and Chuck DeVore in the California Senate Republican primary.  President Marjorie Dannenfelser called the win a victory for the resurgence pro-life feminism, saying:

“Carly Fiorina is helping to usher in the year of the pro-life woman.  We have worked tirelessly on her behalf to reach voters who are hungry for a strong, pro-life alternative to Barbara Boxer.  In choosing Carly Fiorina, California voters have endorsed an authentic feminist and set the stage for a battle of opposites in November.”

The SBA List was the first pro-life group to endorse Carly Fiorina for Senate.  It’s $215,000 independent expenditure campaign in the days leading up to the primary highlighted her strong leadership and pro-life stance through an aggressive online advertising and e-mail campaign, targeted calls to 600,000 registered voters and direct fundraising from its membership.

Dannenfelser said of the efforts, “The stakes are high in California because, until this election, Barbara Boxer’s radical, pro-abortion agenda has dominated as the woman’s opinion in the Senate.  In November, one woman will emerge as the true voice for women.

“The SBA List will work tirelessly to elect Carly Fiorina.  Her pro-woman, pro-life platform will lead the return to feminism’s pro-life roots.”

The Susan B. Anthony List plans to spend $6 million on voter education in the midterm elections, including $3 million on key Senate races, $1 million in bundled direct candidate contributions from SBA List members and $1 million on its plan to target “pro-life” Democrats who voted for abortion funding in the health care bill.  The Susan B. Anthony List is a nationwide network of over 280,000 Americans, residing in all 50 states, dedicated to mobilizing, advancing, and representing pro-life women in politics.  Its connected Candidate Fund increases the percentage of pro-life women in the political process.   

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