SBA List President Comments on Nikki Haley Runoff

“Nikki Haley’s runoff victory is one more example of the electoral power of authentic, pro-life feminism in this election cycle.  Public polling consistently shows that the majority of voters, including women, consider themselves to be pro-life.  But, because of a void of pro-life women’s leadership at all levels of elected office, we’re seeing a hunger for authentic, pro-life women candidates in primaries across the country.  As a three-term state legislator and successful businesswoman, Nikki Haley is poised to become the first female governor of South Carolina and one of many pro-life women candidates bursting onto the political scene.  Her primary win and those of pro-life women candidates like her are building momentum toward victories at the ballot box in November and poised to make 2010 the Year of the Pro-Life Woman.”

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