Texas Abortion Lawsuit: Leading Nat’l Pro-Life Group Responds

For Immediate Release: March 9, 2023
Contact: Mary Owens, [email protected]

Longtime Texas OB-GYN: “Rhetorical Games Put Women’s Lives at Risk.”

Washington, D.C.Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America responded to a lawsuit challenging Texas’ pro-life laws.

In July 2022, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an advisory stating that the Texas Human Life Protection Act defines abortion as “the act of using or prescribing an instrument, a drug, a medicine, or any other substance, device, or means with the intent to cause the death of an unborn child” and that the Act “protects women facing life-threatening physical conditions resulting from pregnancy complications.” In a statement Tuesday, Paxton reiterated that he is “committed to doing everything in his power to protect mothers, families, and unborn children, and he will continue to defend and enforce the laws duly enacted by the Texas Legislature.”

While approximately 90% of OB-GYNs do not perform abortions, both physician plaintiffs in the case perform abortions.

Ingrid Skop, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., a board-certified OB-GYN who has practiced in Texas for nearly 30 years and serves as senior fellow and director of medical affairs at Charlotte Lozier Institute, said:

“As an OB-GYN who’s spent nearly 30 years caring for women and babies, I am saddened and troubled by reports of mothers not receiving the care they require. Under the laws of Texas and all other pro-life states, doctors are advised to exercise their reasonable medical judgment to determine if a woman needs to be delivered of her unborn child in order to protect her life. Texas law allows this intervention and does not require delay in necessary care for ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or a life-threatening complication. Yet no matter how many times we correct the record, pro-abortion activists continue spreading misinformation, confusing physicians and the general public. The solution they offer is abortion on demand until birth, which is wildly out of step with most Americans. These rhetorical games put women’s lives at risk and need to stop.”

Tara Sander Lee., Ph.D., a Harvard-trained scientist who serves on the Biden Administration’s Health and Human Services Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Infant and Maternal Mortality, addressed tragic cases where the baby’s prognosis was poor:

“We should be searching for treatments and cures for these conditions, not discriminating against babies with disabilities and destroying them before birth. Do we say that a person diagnosed with cancer is ‘incompatible with life’ and then destroy the patient? Most certainly not.  We find hope amidst the storm, seek medical care, and treatment when available.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of SBA Pro-Life America, summarized:

“Let’s be very clear: every pro-life law in the country allows necessary and timely medical treatment to save the life of a pregnant woman in an emergency.”

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