Trump-Biden Debate: Where Does Biden Really Draw the Line on Abortion?

For Immediate Release: June 27, 2024
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Biden’s 10 Lies Trump Should Expose

Washington, D.C. – Ahead of the first presidential debate of 2024 between former President Trump and President Biden, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser issued the following statement:

“The American people deserve to know which position Joe Biden has expressed is his actual position on abortion. Is it the position of the Democratic Party, which is no limits even in the seventh, eighth or ninth month? Or is his position what he has expressed many other times before when he supported abortion limits? As a U.S. senator, Biden once boasted about voting 50 times against taxpayer-funded abortion. Perhaps he hopes no one will notice the change. The reality is nearly every congressional Democrat endorsed all-trimester abortion.

“We are in line with public opinion. Democrats are hoping that message doesn’t get through. Three quarters of voters agree with limits on painful late-term abortions. Voters also overwhelmingly support pregnancy resource centers and want to hear about the creative work being done by the pro-life movement and pro-life elected officials to provide support for mothers and children, versus the Democrats who will shut down the pro-life safety net and leave too many women with no alternatives to abortion. When President Trump goes on offense to expose Biden’s extremism, the people will see abortion on demand isn’t the silver bullet Democrats think it is.”

In addition, the group debunked falsehoods Biden is likely to repeat in the debate and issued media guidance including questions to ask:

  • MYTH: All the people want is to have Roe v. Wade back, but Trump and Republicans want a “national abortion ban.”
  • FACT: In 2021 The New York Times pointed out the difference between what people understand about Roe and what policies they support: “Even as most people say they support the ruling, most also say they favor restrictions that Roe does not permit.”
  • ASK: Does President Biden support (for example) a limit on second and third trimester abortions when babies feel pain? If not, what specific limit does he support?


  • MYTH: Protective pro-life laws prevent women from getting life-saving care in a medical emergency.
  • FACT: Every state with strong pro-life laws allows timely and necessary care for pregnant women in a medical emergency. Abortions in medical emergencies are still taking place in Texas and other states. – Texas, for example, has already seen 81 such cases.
  • ASK: What are Democrats going to do to protect the 96% of healthy babies, with healthy moms, who are aborted for elective reasons?


  • MYTH: State laws conflict with federal law that requires doctors to carry out abortions in emergencies.
  • FACT: EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, requires consideration for both patients in each pregnancy – the mother and her unborn child.
  • ASK: Why do Democrats think doctors should be forced to perform abortions, even against their better medical judgment?


  • MYTH: President Biden doesn’t support abortion on demand or “full-term” abortion, he simply wants to restore Roe v. Wade.
  • FACT: The Biden-Harris administration is the most pro-abortion administration in history. Though Biden voted for limits as a U.S. senator, while running for president he decided politics was more important than his long-held moral position and came out in favor of forcing taxpayers to fund abortion on demand. Now abortion is his top agenda item for day one if he is re-elected.
  • ASK: Senator Joe Manchin says the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act goes beyond “codifying Roe” and expands abortion. Does Biden still support this legislation or not?


  • MYTH: Republicans want a national “ban” on abortion with no exceptions.
  • FACT: Congressional Republicans have repeatedly voted for consensus limits on late-term abortions when babies can feel pain, with exceptions, which seven in 10 Americans support.
  • ASK: What are your limits, Mr. President? Is there any point in pregnancy when you think babies should be protected, and what is it? How late is too late?


  • MYTH: Republicans will criminalize women who have or seek abortions.
  • FACT: SBA Pro-Life America, together with pro-life leaders across the country, unequivocally rejects efforts to criminalize women. The pro-life movement is committed to holding the abortion industry and abortionists accountable, including suppliers of dangerous abortion drugs.
  • ASK: Research shows over 60% of women who had abortions reported pressure to abort from boyfriends, family or other sources. Even famous celebrities like Britney Spears are affected by abortion coercion. What will Biden and the Democrats do to ensure women aren’t pushed into abortions they don’t want?


  • MYTH: Republicans want to cut off access to birth control and IVF.
  • FACT: No state anywhere has banned birth control or IVF. The CDC reports, “virtually all women of reproductive age…used at least one contraceptive method at some point in their life.” Congress funds contraception through numerous federal programs every year.
  • ASK: What is Democrats’ plan to help the majority of women already pregnant who don’t want to have an abortion?



  • MYTH: Democrats just want Americans to be free from government interference in the abortion issue.
  • FACT: The true contrast is between 1) Democrats’ support for sweeping federal legislation that would wipe away nearly all state limits on abortion – even those that limit late-term abortions of healthy babies and ensure parental involvement – and 2) the GOP’s support for innovative, compassionate policies such as streamline adoption services, increase the child tax credit, make baby items tax-free, and providing funding to pregnancy centers and maternity homes to empower women to choose life.
  • ASK: Does President Biden agree with states like Michigan and Ohio having no limits – even on abortions for minors without parental consent?



Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is a network of more than one million pro-life Americans nationwide, dedicated to ending abortion by electing national leaders and advocating for laws that save lives, with a special calling to promote pro-life women leaders.


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