Sen. Blanche Lincoln: Against Our Values

Susan B. Anthony List radio advertisement highlighting Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln’s health care votes.


The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Senator Blanche Lincoln had a choice. Stand up for Arkansas families and unborn life or follow Barack Obama and Harry Reid and cast the deciding vote to allow the government takeover of health care. The Democrat-Gazette called it the most significant vote Senator Lincolns ever cast in an otherwise unremarkable political career.

Her choice? Senator Lincoln voted with Obama and Reid. She voted to put bureaucrats in charge of your health care, voted to raise taxes and kill jobs. Blanche Lincoln voted to allow federal dollars to pay for abortions. She voted with her DC friends, and against our values.

Call Blanche Lincoln at 501-375-2993. Tell her putting Obama and Reid before Arkansas families and unborn life is wrong. Tell Blanche Lincoln she was better off just being unremarkable. Paid for by Susan B. Anthony List, Inc.

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