3 Steps for Supporting and Strengthening Your 40 Days for Life Campaign

Consider this great opportunity to save lives in your local community! From now until June 30, 40 days for Life is accepting applications from new people who want to lead local 40 Days for Life campaigns this fall (from September 23 – November 1). 

In the past decade, 3,336 separate campaigns have saved the lives of thousands of unborn children.  The campaigns help to unite people of faith through prayer and have been instrumental in the closing of dozens of abortion clinics and the conversion of at least 107 abortion workers.  Across 579 cities in all 50 of the United States, as well as 30 other nations, 40 Days for Life has seen emboldened involvement of people taking a systematic stand against the culture of death. 

How do they do it? 40 Days for Life uses a three-step campaign process that creates a focused, responsive presence in localized efforts.  These three steps not only give context to 40 Days for Life mission, but they also illustrate the connectedness of the movement.  For 40 days, everywhere, everyone is reaching the same milestones at the same time.  As groups sign on to host their own campaigns this fall, 40 Days for Life offers “3 Simple Steps to STOP Abortions in Your Community” –a free webinar for campaign leaders.  The webinar training will introduce you to the 40 Days for Life’s national director David Bereit, campaign director Shawn Carney, North American outreach director Steve Karlen, and international outreach director Robert Colquhoun.  These individuals are excited to get new faces involved in this powerful pro-life initiative. 

This stand is strengthened through adherence to the following steps:

  • Prayer and Fasting

“Letting go and letting God” is integral to this campaign.  40 Days for Life reflects upon the examples that can be found in Scripture of outstanding characters who prayed or fasted for 40 days and trusted that their dedication would lead them to a clear answer from God

  • Constant Vigil

Campaigners will often choose to maintain a constant vigil outside of an abortion clinic during the forty days of the campaign.  However, if abortion clinics are few and far between, another highly visible location like a church or courthouse building will also work fine

  • Community Outreach

Although the campaign is an opportunity to minister to those affected by abortion, it is just as much an opportunity to educate the uninformed.  40 Days for Life offers campaign resources to those involved so that outreach can cater to the unique needs of every community

Until the Fall Application closes on June 30, consider the potential that this campaign could have in your community.  If your application is accepted, registering for the webinar is just as simple.  It is an inclusive way to join an international group of hundreds of thousands of volunteers who have made the 40 Days for Life campaign their own. 

At the local level, pro-life activism and advocacy has brought a defensive response from the abortion industry, mobilized pro-life leaders, and reached people in ways that may have been impossible.  Consider registering for this informative webinar and prepare to move forward with mobilization this fall!




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