Bart Stupak: Don't Flatter Yourself

On the one-year anniversary of the pro-abortion ObamaCare going into law,  the now-former Rep. Bart Stupak has received a lot of media attention. The interviews are quite revealing, with Stupak still in denial over the pro-abortion stance of the bill.

“I guess I’m the face of healthcare,” Stupak told The Hill in an interview this week. “It goes with the territory.”

Please, don’t flatter yourself. You are not the face of healthcare; you are the face of cowardice. You embody an unprincipled, self-serving politician who cannot stand tough when it matters most.

Stupak continues to make himself the victim:

The vitriol surrounding the debate was so palpable that Stupak said he was not surprised when he heard, in January of this year, that a lawmaker had been shot.

He was surprised, however, that the lawmaker was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), who is not considered a controversial figure.

If anything, it would have been easier to understand if a controversial lawmaker — like himself — had been targeted, Stupak said. After all, a criminal case is still pending against a father and son who threatened him last year.

“It still could be [me],” Stupak said. “Who knows?”

The attempted assassination of Rep. Giffords was a horrific event, but also one that had absolutely nothing to do with the congressional healthcare debate.

If there is anything pro-lifers would like to see, it is the repeal of the pro-abortion ObamaCare bill, and the conversion of more pro-abortion politicians, and not physical harm.

“You take the bad with the good, but it came down that I played a pivotal role,” he said. “I’m comfortable with doing it, I’m comfortable with the legislation, and I still think it’s a good piece of legislation.”

Stupak said he has concerns over anti-abortion-rights bills raised early in the new Congress, including one that would codify the executive order he negotiated with Obama. Stupak worries the bill might go further than the executive order, and he pointed out that Obama has not reneged on his end of the deal.

This shows the unseriousness of Stupak’s motives all along, as he does not even want to see his own pro-life proposals codified anymore. He only desires a worthless executive order, which still does not prevent the pro-abortion aspects of ObamaCare.

There is however one thing we can agree with Stupak on:

As far as his decision not to run for reelection, Stupak said it “looks smarter every day.”

Indeed, Bart. Indeed.

15. FM: What do you hope to be remembered as?

[Stupak]: Honest.

Good luck.

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