On December 9th Abortion Clinic Doors will CLOSE in Minnesota!

Another clinic bites the dust.  After many innocent deaths, LifeSiteNews is reporting that Minnesota’s abortion clinic – GYN Special Services Clinic – located at the Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, will close its doors!  Local pro-life activists report that this is the first abortion clinic closure in two decades for the state of Minnesota.  The numbers of abortions for the clinic this past year have been down and compared to previous years they were performing 55% below their annual levels, 545 abortions instead of the usual 1200. 

For years many pro-life protests, petitions and boycotts have been held at this site with the great hopes to shut it down.  Due to the protests and boycotts, the hospital suffered in many ways from performing abortions in this clinic, financially being one of them. 

Pro-life activists in Minnesota are elated with the news, Brian Gibson of Pro-life Action Ministries says, “I cannot express properly the waves of emotions of joy I am experiencing with this victory.”  The shutting down of this clinic, along with three other clinics in the United States this month, is a profound testimony to the power of perseverance and courage in fighting for the unborn and the right to LIFE!

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