Have you considered changing a life? Volunteer in a D.C. Pregnancy Center!

After just reading an inspiring story of four babies that were saved in a week through a help of a Toronto-based crisis pregnancy center, I thought to myself: how many of opportunities are around here in D.C.? Well, it turns out there are only three registered centers:

There is also the Center for Life, a section of the Providence Hospital (at 1150 Varnum St NE) that provides pregnancy-related healthcare services and some counseling.

Capitol Hill Pregnancy CenterCapitol Hill Pregnancy Center

Having recently visited the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, I can say that these are inspirational facilities that provide not only women but potential families and men the support they need to give their infants a dignified life. Most of the centers offer counseling, examinations, mentoring, childbirth and/or parenting classes (this specific center even includes a fatherhood initiative program), and provisions of material resources such as supplies, diapers, maternity and baby clothes. They also offer referrals for pre-natal and medical care, legal services, housing, educational opportunities and job training much in need to the usual person that arrives at the center; the majority come from low-income, non-American-citizen backgrounds and lack many opportunities that discourage them to carry out their pregnancies.

On the other hand, last December, LeRoy Carhart, a well-known Nebraska doctor and one of the few known to offer late-term abortions, moved here after expressing a desire to open up clinics in the DC metro area. The District has fewer restrictions and no specific rules that govern late-term abortions, and thus is an attractive place for abortion clinics. Amazingly, there are at least 2 registered abortion clinics and 2 Planned Parenthood facilities that offer abortions in DC, aside from various ones around the metro area in Maryland and Virginia.

We cannot be outnumbered. Hopefully, as people see our fight take victory in these days, more help arises that defends Life. All of the mentioned pregnancy centers are much in need of volunteers, and they offer flexible schedules for you to help out according to everyone’s availability. Volunteer at a center and experience the joy of helping the Life cause!

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