Kenneth Cole uses abortion to sell clothes

Fashion designer Kenneth Cole has launched a new social media campaign called “Where Do You Stand” in which visitors to his site are presented with pro-abortion rhetoric and encouraged to buy his clothes.

When you visit the site, on the left side under the heading “What you stand for”, you are implored to participate in “a series of provocative debates” about guns, abortion, homosexuality, and war, in that order. On the right side under the heading “What you stand in”, you are implored to shop for clothes on his site.

Cole claims that his site is intended to spark debate to “educate and inspire us all to understand relevant social issues from a larger perspective.” Translation – support unlimited abortion. Cole presents us with a series of rhetorical questions aimed at making pro-lifers look anti-woman. The question for abortion is, “Should the government have the right to choose?”

Cole also has a commercial showing a woman, who is wearing Cole-designed clothes of course, standing against a wall, apparently in distress, with the words, “Should it be a woman’s right to choose…” displayed. She then walks over and, smiling, picks up a Kenneth Cole handbag while the words “…if she’s the one carrying it? – Kenneth Cole” are shown.

 I have just one word to describe Kenneth Cole – shameless.

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