Maryland Abortion Clinics Added to Ever-Expanding “House of Horrors”

The overdue series of investigations prompted by the Gosnell trial is revealing misconduct and negligence in abortion clinics nationwide. In Maryland state regulators shut down four affiliated abortion clinics and suspend three abortionists’ licenses just this week.

Although the sloppy conduct of the clinics has become typical to the abortion industry, it is no less disturbing. On February 13, 38-year-old Maria Santiago died following a botched abortion. After administering Santiago an abortifacient, her physician, Iris Dominy, left her with an unlicensed medical assistant. When Santiago fell into cardiopulmonary arrest, neither Dominy nor her assistant used the automated external defibrillator—a machine that investigators later found to be broken and that employees did not know how to use. After being transported to the hospital, Ms. Santiago died.

In addition to Dr. Dominy, Dr.  Mansour Panah and Dr. Michael Basco also had their licenses suspended in Maryland. Dr. Panah has faced multiple charges of illicit sexual contact, and inadequate medical care. Dr. Basco reportedly permitted an unlicensed employee to perform an ultrasound on a pregnant woman, and subsequently administer misoprostol to induce abortion.  When Dr. Basco finally arrived at the clinic, he realized the woman was experiencing unintended complications, and sent her away to receive a surgical abortion. The Maryland clinics are run by the Associates in OB/GYN Care LLC, and associate with the American Women’s Services—an organization run by abortionist Dr. Steven Brigham, who has had his own license revoked in a number of states.   

In response to recent allegations, Dominy’s attorney Marc Cohen states, “She’s a well-trained, well-qualified and well-experienced doctor. There just appears to be something that happened to that particular patient, but there wasn’t anything wrong with the procedure as far as we know.”

However, Vicki Saporta, president of the National Abortion Federation, disagrees. She states that it is generally known that Maryland abortion clinics—of which Dominy is apart of—belong to Bringham. “It’s not surprising that his four Maryland clinics have been suspended,” she says. Saporta ranks among a number of pro-abortionists who have testified to disorder and carelessness in clinics. Recently, ex abortion nurses Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich and Joyce Vasikonis referred to their Delaware clinic as “a meat-market style of assembly-line abortions”. Timothy Liveright, an abortionist who is also under investigation, claims, “they [Planned Parenthood] never listened to these women to begin with.”

The Susan B. Anthony List recently launched “Stop the Gosnells”, a coalition of pro-life groups, to proactively counter inhuman practices. SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser stated, “As a nation, we must examine how the scourge of late-term abortion impacts women, children, abortion-industry employees, and our communities. We look forward to seeing these discussions take place and be properly addressed by Congress and the states. The time is ripe to address the questions: what does it mean to truly support women’s health and where do we step in to protect the rights of the most vulnerable?”

Stop the Gosnells” provides a number of resources for individuals to participate in this campaign for human rights—from an update of daily activities to facts about late-term abortion to directions to contacting your representatives. Please join the “Stop the Gosnells” coalition, and unite with the SBA list in its efforts to expose every abortionist, every clinic, and every inhumane practice that violates the rights of the women and children of our nation.

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