Abortionist Attests to Planned Parenthood Misconduct

Despite explicit evidence showing abortion industry negligence and brutality in her own clinic and nationwide, Planned Parenthood of Delaware CEO Ruth Lytle-Barnaby has attempted to reduce these incidents to mere “speculations and falsehoods”. In a statement issued early May in response to the whistleblower nurses, Barnaby claimed, “Patients are our top priority, and we insist on the highest professional standards of care.”  Anything to the contrary, she claims, is simply an isolated incident.

However, Timothy Liveright—a former Planned Parenthood abortionist who is himself the subject of recent complaints—adamantly disagrees. He affirms that Planned Parenthood has serious management, staffing, and operational problems. “They’ve allowed this circus to continue,” Liveright  says, “It’s partly because they never listened to these women to begin with.”

By no means does this excuse Liveright for his role. Liveright was recently declared a “clear and immediate danger to the public,” for his brutal treatment of women and unborn children and has:
• killed around 50,000 babies
• overly sedated patients
• unnecessarily suctioned women
• improperly administered oxygen
• created complications that have sent women to the emergency room

Liveright’s claim that the Delaware Planned Parenthood is “disorganized, in disarray” has been repeatedly confirmed. In April, the state Division of Public Health cited the agency for fourteen violations and cited “unsafe and unsanitary conditions.”

Nonetheless, Planned Parenthood received $542 million in taxpayer funding in the 2011-2012 fiscal year – and in Delaware, the organization received an additional$400,000 from the state, according to Democratic Senator Robert Venables. Venables said Delaware state lawmakers might want to reconsider that allocation in the future – we agree.

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