Nurses Expose Unsafe Conditions of Abortion Clinics

Abortion advocates rely on the mantra that Roe v. Wade made abortion “safe, legal, and rare”; however, reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

The firsthand testimonies from abortion nurses that have surfaced during and ever since Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” hit the news all reiterate the same truth: abortion hurts women and ends the life of a child.

Just this week, the exploitation of women at Planned Parenthood of Delaware hit center stage. Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, a former nurse at this locale, referred to their facilities as conducting “a meat-market style of assembly-line abortions”. Both Mitchell-Werbrich and her fellow former nurse Joyce Vasikonis have charged that Planned Parenthood:

  •  Placed patients in grave danger through poor care, insufficient training
  • Assigned medical responsibilities to employees who had insufficient medical training
  • Rushed abortion procedures at a speed that made patient safety impossible, and allowed doctors to carry out abortions without properly cleaning and sterilizing procedure rooms
  • Failed to report to patients that they had contracted sexually transmitted diseases
  • Tolerated sexual harassment of employees
  • Attempted to falsify employee records
  • Drastically under-reported the number of abortions they performed to the state of Delaware
  • Failed to provide standard medical policies and procedures guidelines to medical staff to protect patients
  • Failed to comply with state parental notification laws

Since January of 2013 alone, Planned Parenthood of Delaware has already sent five women to the hospital. The Susan B. Anthony List has taken proactive measures to expose Planned Parenthood’s counterintuitive and downright fatal actions.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, stated: 

“America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, claims to be a principle advocate for women’s health. They need to own this problem. Rather than attack their former employees for exposing Gosnell-like unsafe and unsanitary conditions, they should spend their time going through their facilities nationwide in order to get to the root of this problem and protect women.”

Planned Parenthood has prospered under the façade that it serves women’s health. But we’ve seen from their annual reports over time that abortion is their top concern. According to their most recent annual report:

  •  Over the past three reported years (2009-2011), Planned Parenthood has performed nearly one million abortions (995,687).
  • Cancer screening & prevention services and contraceptive services provided by Planned Parenthood continue to drop. Contraceptive services have dropped by 12% since 2009, and cancer screening & prevention services have dropped by 29%.

And Planned Parenthood also continues to attempt to silence its former employees and patients for speaking the truth.

The Susan B. Anthony List is so grateful to former abortion industry employees—such as Ms. Mitchell-Werbrich and Ms. Vasikonis—for speaking out!

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