June’s One Minute Commentaries

In June’s One Minute Commentaries we will explore the implications of Gosnell’s crimes, advances in pro-life legislation, discoveries from adult stem cells, and much more.

One Minute Commentaries are now available for the month of June 2013. These no-cost public service announcements run on our network of Christian and secular stations in all 50 states and Guam, and dispelled myths about the safety of abortion, promoted Life-affirming alternatives, and informed the public with up-to-the-minute information about pending legislation.

Lawmakers Work to Highlight Gosnell Case

Disturbing Images Reveal Even More Disturbing Reality

Disturbing Images Reveal Even More Disturbing Reality

A Shameful Oversight

Never Underestimate the Power of a Strong Pro-Life Women

Another State Stands Up for Life

Crossing Ethical Boundaries

Alabama Steps up to Support Women’s Health

A Faltering Movement

Protecting Life in a Brave New World

One Father’s Story

A Tragic First

A Lack of Leadership

Infanticide Videos

Major Changes in Stem Cell Research

Coming Soon to a Drug Store Near You: Over the Counter Abortions

Our Most Basic Right

Supporting Families Supports Life

Unheard of Heroines

A Possible Pro-Life Cure

The Mammogram Lie

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