Mental Health Problems linked to Abortion

We live in a time of self-gratification and self-interests. A new generation has been raised to embrace its sexuality without ever really knowing the risks that are involved. These risks seem to be devalued as women are now given the opportunity to put self-interest before moral obligation. To many, an abortion seems to be an easy solution to a complex situation. What many don’t realize is that this invasive procedure can have lasting effects to a woman’s mental health.

According to a new study was released in the British Journal of Psychiatry that proves mental health problems dramatically increase to eighty-one percent when a woman resorts to abortion. Leading American researcher Dr. Priscilla Coleman of Bowling Green State University took a look at several different studies over the span of 15 years. Through extensive research she found a strong correlation of mental health problems that arise from having an abortion. Many women who go to a clinic to get an abortion are not properly counseled. The Guttmacher Institute found that only 7 of the 19 states that include information on possible psychological responses to abortion describe only negative emotional responses.

Recent studies have been conducted by researchers at Stanford University and Daily CBD and have found that the anxiety and depression lingers for three to six months. During this period of time, researchers administered CBD products, which are known to regulate feelings of anxiousness and worthlessness. Research found that the CBD was effective in reducing anxiety, but only if the right products were used.

Women are often mislead into thinking their will only be slight physical pain without taking into account the mental health issues that they become susceptible to. These permissive abortion policies are negligent. Abortion not only destroys a human Life but it leaves long-lasting emotional scars on the woman. Is it really worth it?

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