More than Just Words

Pro-Life Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recently signed into law House Bill 636, sponsored by State Rep. Frank Hoffman, which mandates that every abortion facility in Louisiana post a large, noticeable sign stating that coercing a woman to have an abortion is illegal, that the father of the baby is liable for child support if a woman chooses not to have an abortion, and that there are state agencies that can assist women during and after pregnancy and that adoptive parents often pay the medical costs associated with carrying a child to term. By signing this bill into law, Gov. Jindal is ensuring that women facing crisis pregnancies have access to resources that can help make the choice for Life easier for them.

The Governor was quoted saying “Women deserve to know their legal rights and the protections already afforded to them under the law. We are confident that the more they know, the more they’ll choose life and alternatives to abortion.”

Gov. Jindal later said “Creating a culture of life is more than just words. It means we’ve got to fight to defend the lives of the most innocent and most vulnerable among us, especially unborn children,” he said. “A civilized society is judged and will be judged by how it treats the weakest members of that society.”

Those of us in the pro-life movement realized a long time ago that if we’re going to persuade women to choose life for their babies then we better be able to offer them life-affirming alternatives. A woman in a crisis pregnancy situation wants one thing: help; and if the only help we can offer her as a society is the lethal solution of abortion, then we’ve failed that woman and her baby. Fortunately, Gov. Jindal recognizes that fact, and he’s putting the full weight of the State of Louisiana behind the notion that we should be helping women choose life, not pushing them to the false and deadly solution of abortion. Major hat tip to Gov. Bobby Jindal, State Rep. Frank Hoffman, and all the pro-life legislators in Louisiana.

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