A Mother’s Love: "we wouldn’t change anything about her."

When you first looked at the picture of fourteen month old Taya Kennedy, you notice her smile, rosy cheeks, and the absolute joy that radiates from her face.  Although this little girl has Down’s syndrome, her level of energy is that of a child’s without any disabilities.  Without the care of her parents, especially her mother Gemma Andre, Taya would not be surpassing expert’s expectations of maturity in growth and awareness. 

The UK Daily Mail reports that from the moment Taya was born, Gemma made it her goal to give Taya every opportunity that a normal child would have.  Andre said: “People say, ‘Don’t you wish she was a normal child?’ but without her disability she wouldn’t be Taya, so we wouldn’t change anything about her.”

Gemma got the idea from her cousin-Eletta-to send photos of Taya to the UK’s prestigious model agency Urban Angels.  The modeling agency is known for being competitive and extremely selective in their choice of who to hire.  The fact that Taya has Down’s syndrome did not matter to Urban Angels.  They chose Taya because they saw something special in her smile and the way she lights up a photo. 

Taya is a true example of overcoming obstacles and beating the odds.  It is unfortunate that in today’s society, children with disabilities are seen as less than human and many women choose to abort the child instead of giving them a chance.  Through Gemma’s love and her dedication to giving Taya the best life she can possibly have, Taya has received many blessings and as she gets older and stronger I am sure that the possibilities will not end here.

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